Protect your family and make sure your loved ones are looked after as you want by making a Lasting Power of Attorney
24th October 2011
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No matter what your age now, if in the future you became ill or had an accident which affected your ability to make decisions and to look after your own affairs, you might think your spouse or adult children could look after them for you, automatically.
You may well be in for a shock....they can’t!


Somebody has to be appointed legally by the Court of Protection to look after your affairs (not always someone you may have chosen yourself) and this can take up to
6 months!


In the meantime most things are likely to be put on hold, your bank accounts (even joint accounts) can be frozen and, with bills left unpaid, your finances could be damaged. It is also an expensive process (£1,000+ with ongoing fees) and can even involve official home visits to see rules are being followed.

You can avoid all this by making a Lasting Power of Attorney now and appoint somebody you love and trust (e.g. spouse, son, daughter etc) to take care of your affairs whenever you can’t. Much more economical than it may be when the time comes, making your LPA now gives you peace of mind for the rest of your life.

Allguard Legal Services have their own specialist solicitors and provide LPA’s                      

Visit our Feature on the bestofwarwick here for more information.


Call 01926 702336 for more information or, if you wish, one of their home visit consultants Tim Cooper-Cocks can visit you in your home and help you make your LPA now.


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