Making a Will is a really important task that anyone with a family should not put off
20th October 2011
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I was speaking with Tim Cooper-Cocks of Allguard Legal Services earlier this week and this reminded me of when I had my first Will created soon after the birth of my first daughter. I knew how important it was to have a Will in place, defining exactly what you wanted to happen to your posessions and how your children would be cared for if the worst were to happen to either or both me and my wife.

Well 20 years on I probably need to update that Will, but it has been great peace of mind to know it existed should I fall under that proverbial bus.


So I recommend everyone consider doing this TODAY. Read more of what Tim had to say.


Without a Will:-
Your Spouse does not automatically get everything.
            An unmarried partner could get little or nothing!
       * Your Children: The Courts may have to decide who raises
           your Young Children if your family can’t agree.     
       * Others: Somebody you don’t want to inherit may do so!

How would Your Children feel if their Inheritance was       drastically reduced because Your Home or Savings   were lost to pay for Care Fees or Inheritance Tax

With the “Right” Will and Planning you can help ensure that
the MAXIMUM Possible goes to those you Love

Make Your Will Now
because it is one of the most loving
things you can do for your family..... gives them Vital Peace of Mind

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