5th October 2015
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“Learned Friends”, a new, high stakes drama with echoes of “Twelve Angry Men” is set behind the scenes of a criminal court. Prosecution and defence counsel await the jury's verdict. Dramatic revelations threaten friendships, careers and the true course of justice as two high powered professional women fight for what matters most to them in adversarial conflict. Davis, a former barrister who is previously known for her comedic one woman plays about modern family life, depicts a wholly different world lifting the shroud of secrecy surrounding machinations of criminal proceedings and answering questions frequently put to barristers: how can opposing court advocates be friends? Can a guilty man be defended?

Davis performs alongside Sharon Baylis (The Bill, Emmerdale, Juliet Bravo). The play is directed by Michael Bott (National Theatre, RSC, 2014 Skylight, Wyndham's Theatre, 2015 Doctors, The Scandalous Lady W). Supporting roles will be performed by members of The Talisman Theatre, Kenilworth.

The premiere performances at the old Shire Hall in Northgate St, Warwick will be performed partly in the magnificent 18th century main hall. Audiences will gain a real sense of participation in criminal proceeding during the court scenes which are performed in the former court of nisi prius which still houses original antique courtroom furniture. At the start of each performance audiences will hear a historical introduction. Afterwards, tours of the cells and dungeon will be offered for a small charge.

Preview performances will take place in Wellesbourne Village Hall on 21st and 22nd November.

Generous support has been received from Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council, King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, Warwick, Phillips 66, Wright Hassell, Wareing and Company, Hammons Solicitors, Penman's Solicitors, R Locke & Co, Shah's Restaurant, Wellesbourne, Shakespeare Service Centre, Wellesbourne, Justina, Avonvale Veterinary Practice

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