In these worrying times your family comes first - Make sure you secure their future by making your Will today
12th December 2011
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In These Worrying Times......

Your Family Comes First!

Contact Tim Cooper-Cocks at Allguard Wills for a professional service to ensure your family's future is secure if you are not their to support them. See more about Tim here

Make Your Will Now
  because it is one of the most loving
  things you can do for your family..... gives them Vital Peace of Mind

Without a Will:-
       * Your Spouse does not automatically get everything.
            An unmarried partner could get little or nothing!
       * Your Children: The Courts may have to decide who raises
           your Young Children if your family can’t agree.     
* Others: Somebody you don’t want to inherit may do so!

How would Your Children feel if their Inheritance was       drastically reduced because Your Home or Savings   were lost to pay for Care Fees or Inheritance Tax

With the “Right” Will and Planning you can help ensure that
the MAXIMUM Possible goes to those you Love.

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