Happy New Year! a few helpful tips on how to achieve your new year resolutions & goals...
1st January 2010
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Happy New Year!

Did you know that as many as 70% of the population make new year's resolutions? ...not sure exactly how many stick to them though?!?

Its never easy of course. However, here's a few suggestions that will help you increase your chances of sticking to resolutions & achieving goals. The bulk of these tips come from Jeffrey Gitomer's books which i've read a few of recently:

1- BE REALISTIC WHEN SETTING YOUR TARGETS! Of course you should set your sights high, just don't set things at a level that you won't stick to or achieve.

2- WRITE DOWN YOUR RESOLUTIONS/TARGETS! Apparently this single act increases your chances of achievement ten fold. If possible put your goals or targets somewhere visible to remind you. You can also write down your motives to help spur you on.

3- PLAN & BREAK DOWN LARGE GOALS- planning and splitting things down to what you need to do day-by-day or week-by-week will help keep things achievable and not feel like such a mammouth task.

4- SET A DATE TO REVIEW- while you are full of enthausiasm right now (hopefully!) to make these improvements write a date in your diary to review where you're at against your plan/resolution.

5- PERSERVERE- don't let lapses or an "off-day" stop you in achieving your goals in the long term.


These are just a few tips but you can read more at the Gitomer website HERE

Happy New Year & Good Luck for 2010!


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