Fuel Saving Tips from Warwick Automotive Experts
16th October 2008
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A couple of the thebestof warwick's motor related experts- Outermotive and Silverline Wheels & Tyres give us a few of the lesser known ways to ensure you are getting the maximum Miles Per Gallon (MPG) from your car or vehicle.

Silverline Wheels & Tyres, Nelson Lane, Warwick

Regularly Check Tyre Pressures

Incorrect or uneven tyre pressures will lower your MPG, so the expert team at Silverline recommend checking your tyre pressure on a regular basis. This will ensure you are not using more fuel than necessary and will also improve vehicle safety.

Correct Wheel & Tyre Alignment

This is particularly important when having new tyres or wheels fitted as incorrectly aligned wheels can result in an inefficient and unsafe vehicle. This is why Silverline use the very latest 3D computerised alignment to increase MPG & road handling and reduce tyre wear.

Outermotive Car Servicing, Sales and Repairs, specialising in Classic Cars & VWs, Warwick

Healthy Engine

Outermotive recommend you get your vehicle checked and serviced on a regular basis. This will ensure it is healthy and therefore as fuel efficient as possible. Vehicle problems relating to poor fuel efficiency may not always be obvious, so keep a track of your vehicle's MPG and be aware of any changes.

Switch It Off?

In traffic jams or long waits at traffic lights, it is worth turning off your engine, particularly with older vehicles which are not as efficient when stationary.

About The Experts-

Silverline Wheels & Tyres, Warwick- www.silverlinewheels-tyres.com

Established for over 20 years, Silverline of Warwick are accredited tyre dealers for many quality brands & pride themselves in offering the very best in products and service

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Outermotive, Warwick- www.outermotive.co.uk

Outermotive, Warwick offer Classic Car Sales, Restoration, MOT Prep in Warwick, specialising in VW and other Classic Cars. Outermotive also offer hire of classic and VW campervans.

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Outermotive- Camper Van Hire, Warwick


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