"Freeview" Digital TV in the Warwick area
18th June 2008
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Digital TV offers a great prospect with more free channels and better picture quality. The whole concept is being well promoted to ensure people are ready for the switchover, with TV ads and cheap digital freeview boxes.

However, it seems the service isn't fully ready yet in all areas of Warwick and Leamington. So this is leading to disappointment for many people being sold the idea of more channels and better picture quality, only to find that digital TV isn't working in their area yet! Many parts of Warwick and Leamington are still unable to get a digital TV signal at present, and many that can can't get the full complement of channels yet.

There can also be the problem of needing to shell out for a different aerial in the case of a house surrounded by high trees. This can cost well over a £100.

Don't get me wrong, freeview boxes are very cheap and a lot of areas are able to get loads more free channels. My disappointment is more that the service has been heavily promoted over the last year or so, but for many it is mearly a big tease! The Central TV area, which covers Warwick and Leamington, is scheduled to turn off its analogue TV signal in 2011. Let's hope all areas are fully catered for, well in advance of this.

Have you recently bought a freeview digital TV box only to find it won't work in your area? Feel free to comment below. You may need to sign up HERE first.

To check which freeview channels are available in your area of Warwick, Leamington Spa or other areas visit this website- http://www.freeview.co.uk/availability


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