Choosing new doors
11th March 2015
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If you’re thinking that new doors are in order to tidy up your home then there are several things that you need to be thinking about before placing an order or going out to a shop to buy them. Whilst doors have the practical functions of protecting your house and helping to keep the warmth in, and these are probably at the forefront of people’s mind, there are also the aesthetics to consider as external doors (particularly) are one of the first things that people see when approaching your property.

When it comes to doors there are two main options of materials to choose from: uPVC or composite. There are pros and cons to each material type.

uPVC doors. These are the easiest to maintain as they need no painting or staining and once they are in they need very little afterthought. They also offer greater insulation and the added security of multi point locking. The drawbacks are that it is nearly impossible to change the size or colour once fitted and it is hard to change the locks or door furniture.

Composite doors. These are made from a mix of materials, such as glass and fibre, which is pressed together and glued under high pressure. The door is then clad in an outer material that can be made to look as though it is real wood but is in fact much stronger. The resulting door will not warp or require any repainting yet very few will be able to tell the difference between this type of door and a wooden one. These too are well insulated and have a multi locking point system so has good security too. The downside to these doors is that they are often more expensive than other types.

If you’re either in need of new doors or just starting to think that new ones are in order, get in contact with Warwick Glass and Glazing today for your free appointment and consultation!

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