Alternatives to 0870 / 0871 Phone Numbers
6th June 2008
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Despite the public outrage and media coverage against 0870 numbers it seems most companies still insist on using 0870 numbers for their customers to call them. 0870 numbers are not included in the free call packages most people get from mobile phones or landline suppliers. This means customers are having to pay, often several pounds, for the right to complain to a company!

I really cannot see how companies are still being allowed to get away with this. Firstly companies are making money for the calls they receive, many of which are for complaints (they get a percentage back from the phone companies on the higher rate calls they receive). Secondly they know 0870 contact numbers will lower the number of complaints they get, as many people refuse to queue on these expensive phone lines.

Hopefully these expensive contact numbers will be clamped down on sometime soon, or if not, companies will hopefully learn the hard way as customers complain with their feet by leaving them through sheer frustration!

In the meantime this website is highly recommended for providing alternative numbers to 0870 numbers -


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