A Guide to Choosing the Right Windows for your Home
23rd December 2015
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Over time all windows need to be replaced in a house.  This could be because they’ve developed gaps that are leading to drafts; it may be for remodelling purposes, because you’ve updated a room in your house and require a replacement window to let in more light or to be in keeping with the style of the room.  Alternatively, the windows may have become unsightly from the outside of your property and simply can’t be spruced up through being repainted.

Whatever the reason for updating or replacing the windows in our homes, we need to ensure we make the right choices for us, whilst maintaining or improving the value of our properties.  New and replacement windows are certainly an investment, so here are some top tips to help you to make the right choices for your home.


Choose windows to match the style of your home – Whether your house is a modern build, a 1950’s design, Georgian, Edwardian or Victoria; the first priority is to narrow down the search for windows by choosing the style to match the architecture of your home.  So, if the current style of your house suggests that there’s floor to ceiling windows in some rooms, remain in this style.  It could be that you live in a conservation area and are required to adhere to the style for homes in the street at the front of your property.  If your front room window is a bow or bay window, again it is advised to maintain this style, because the architecture of your home will support these styles of window.

Decide on the function of the window – What does the window do within the room? This could be as simple as let in the light, but does it also create a view? In living spaces that lead to gardens, it may be that the window needs to become a French, by-fold or patio door.  If you are choosing a window, will you need to open the window? There are many options available for how windows open from the tilt and turn to the standard windows that simply open outwards.

Considering the colour – When you install wooden framed windows, there’s always the option to introduce colour with a lick of paint.  Often people choose to paint wooden framed back or front windows in the same colours as their front, back or garage doors.  However, even if you’re installing uPVC windows, they don’t have to be in a dazzling white, although this is the colour commonly chosen by many households.  Again, if you’re living in a conservation area, details of colour could be dictated by local planning.

Letting in light – When choosing windows, it’s important to consider the orientation of the sun into the rooms of your home.  A mistake could be to install a prism affect glass window into a South facing bathroom, which could let in a lot of sunlight, alongside the mirrors in the room there’s the possibility of this style causing scorch marks or even fires within the room, that’s the worst case scenario of course.  However, you do need to look at how light fills the rooms during sunny days.  With larger windows within a room, would this create too much light? Sunlight can fade furniture and flooring, so where you’ve paid for expensive items, you may not want them to be too exposed to sunlight.


It is always advisable to speak to the experts, those that install glass into homes, businesses and public properties on a regular basis.  Glazing specialists that you can trust in Warwickshire are Warwickshire Glass & Glazing who have over twenty five years of experience in bespoke glass glazing and replacement windows.



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