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17th March 2010
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I have read a fair mix of books lately, all of which could be described as motivational in some way or other! Here's a few that I'd recommend and my thoughts on them:


Yes Man by Danny Wallace

Really enjoyed this book & its hard not for it to have an impact on your decisions after reading it! Yes (or should that be YES!!!!) it did make me say yes to a few things I wouldn't have ordinarily. Not long after reading the book I saw the film adaptation starring Jim Carrey.  I wasn't just being snobbish, as people tend to be when they've read the "far far superior book version", but it was a bit annoying to begin with (the film) as it wasn't very true to the book initially. However I must admit that I enjoyed the film in the end...once I'd worn tired of thinking about how it wasn't true to the book version. Nice that Danny Wallace had a cameo in it too.


James Caan - The Real Deal- My Story: From Brick Lane to Dragons Den

This was really enjoyable and not just from a business development perspective, has a great story to it & is an emotional rollercoaster as it develops! As with the other Dragon's Den book I read (see below), it is easy to expect them to have had some kind of leg-up or huge financial backing to begin with, but James Caan & Duncan Bannatyne are true entrepreneurs having started with literally nothing (except for a truckload of ambition & determination!).  James Caan certainly proves great success can be had whilst still being a thoroughly nice person not just out for his own ends.


Escape - The True Story of the Only Westerner to Break Out of Thailand's Bangkok Hilton

I found this book fascinating, not just for the detail that went into the escape plan, more for the insight into a corrupt prison life.  It is unbelievable what luxuries money could by, when compared to what some of the poor classless Thai locals had to endure.  Even though he openly admits he'd committed the crime for which he was imprisoned (drug trafficking) it is hard not to be on his side hoping he defies the odds & escapes.  Obviously you know he's going to escape though, the title gives that away!


Duncan Bannatyne - Anyone Can Do It

Like the title says Duncan really is testament to the fact that anyone can do it, regardless of education, age, background etc.  Aged 30 with a criminal record, no education and little previous ambition, Duncan certainly was the least likely of candidates to go on to achieve such incredible success.




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