12 months on from the Smoking Ban in Public Places...
7th July 2008
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It's good to hear a recent report confirming that no pubs in Warwick and South Warwickshire have closed as a consequence of the Smoking in Public Places Ban brought in on 1st July 2007. That's of course not to say that some haven't seriously struggled, but the positives of the smoking ban can't be denied, and i'm not just talking about cleaner air and the luxury of going home without stale smelling clothes and hair! - the University College London Health Behaviour Research Unit report that 400,000 people have quit smoking as a consequence of the smoking ban in public places.

I think the Smoking Ban in public places was done for the right reasons but my hope is that none of the smaller pubs in Warwick suffer. There's no denying many pubs in Warwick losing atmosphere, being left empty as people make regular trips outside to smoke, or opt for other pubs or staying at home. But it has been a significant change for people to make and hopefully things will settle down as the culture adapts.

How has the ban effected you?

Do you think it has been a positive thing looking back?


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