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Halloween at the fingerpost

19 October 2010 19:10

Check out this great halloween night out!!

Breakfast is good for you

27 August 2010 18:38

Why we should shun bad press about food and embrace what we eat!!

football free zones

10 June 2010 09:25

Like myself, if you don't like football this is a tough time for going out at the moment as it is hard to escape the world cup...wel here's the answer...!

Christmas in Walsall mulled wine recipe

Get this great recipe for mulled wine try it and let me know what you think!!

Eating out on Sundays

09 November 2009 12:58

The best Sunday Roast around!

Pubs in our society

27 October 2009 12:09

Why are our pubs sinking and why are we all sitting at home?

Live Music in Walsall

27 October 2009 11:44

Live Entertainment at the Fingerpost Pub and Eatery along with a Free Buffet!

Poppy Day Remembrance

27 October 2009 11:39

Amongst all the Halloween, bonfire and Christmas festivities it is easy to forget one important occassion

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