football free zones
10th June 2010
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Football Free Fingerpost.

It may come as a shock to those who enjoy a game of football but not everyone cares for the game and there are a portion of people like myself, who find it hard to find places to go out.

I have decided to make my establishment a football free zone during the World Cup as we don't show football generally and I am not making any exceptions to my rule.

So over the period of the World Cup, if you are sick of seeing it on the telly and sick of all the flags hanging out of peoples bedroom windows etc you are free to get away from it all at the Fingerpost. I don't know of anywhere else doing the same otherwise I would mention them too. If you do know anywhere please attach it as a comment to this post.

I hope all you people who aint a fan can pop in to the fingerpost and take advantage of this unique offering...if it is a success I will run with it again.

See you soon!

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