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It seems a "small victory" has been won over the naming of the new Pembury Hospital - but is it enough?
RIP Calverley Bandstand
RIP Calverley Bandstand
Utter, utter disappointment that permission to demolish our bandstand has been granted... Time to start raising money for it's replacement!
A21 Stalled?
A21 Stalled?
Could a nationwide Governmental Spending Revue mean the A21 Dualling project is in jeopardy?
Marks & Spencer and John Lewis coming to North Farm estate - where do you stand on the debate raging about what's happening to Tunbridge Wells as an attractive place for shopping?
For anyone with a vested interest in the proposed A21 Dualling plans between Pembury and Tonbridge, here are details of a Pre-Inquiry Meeting to be held in June.
As High Brooms loses yet more parking spaces, how are you managing your daily commute to work?
As yet another historic landmark faces destruction, will the people of Tunbridge Wells have a change to have their say?
So: it seems the Calverley Park Bandstand is to be torn own after all. Can we still make a difference towards a positive outcome?
And I quote: "Who's this actually for? - residents or Traders and out-of-area car drivers?" You have until 5th March to register objections....
Pembury Hospital Forever
Pembury Hospital Forever
Is public opinion growing to keep 'Pembury' in its new hospital's name?
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