A21 Stalled?
16th June 2010
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Having been unable to attend the Pre-Inquiry meeting at the beginning of this month (I was away unfortunately), I was looking forward to the beginning of the main Public Enquiry into the A21 Dualling due to start at the beginning of July.

However, a letter was issued last week from the Transport and Environment office (for the South East), apparently indicating that there could be a postponement of the Public Inquiry, due to a nationwide Governmental spending revue. Which presumably means a postponement of the entire project? The letter is not specific.

"the Government has made clear its most urgent priority is to tackle the UK's record budget deficit to restore confidence in the economy and support the recovery. As part of its plan to eliminate the bulk of the deficit over the course of this parliament, the Government will undertake a full Spending Revue, reporting in the Autumn. The Department for Transport will play a full part in that process.

It has therefore been decided that until the Government's spending review has been concluded, the Department for Transport will not be in a position to identify those major infrastructure projects it can support, consistent with the Government's objectives. In view of the uncertainty over the availability of funding over this scheme, it has been decided to postpone, for the time being, the holding of the local inquiry. We aim to provide you with an indication of the way forward for this scheme later this year once the spending review is complete."

Which, at the end of the day, I assume means there will still have to be a Public Inquiry before the scheme is undertaken.

So there we are, none the wiser, no further forward, but at least the bulldozers won't be arriving any time soon.


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