A21 Dualling - Pre-Inquiry Meeting Update
11th May 2010
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Remember those proposed plans to 'improve' the A21?
thebestof Tunbridge Wells has been given details of the next step in the Inquiry.

A Pre-Inquiry Meeting regarding the planned A21 Dualling scheme will take place as follows:

Wednesday 2nd June 2010
Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Tonbridge Road, Pembury TN2 4QL.

"All persons with an interest in the Public Inquiries are invited to attend."

Presiding over the Pre-Inquiry Meeting will be an independent Inspector, Mr J Watson. He was appointed after nomination by the Planning Inspectorate, by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and the Secretary of State for Transport.

Under discussion will be the various aspects of the plans, including new road constructions and demolition of listed buildings along the route.

Computer generations of aspects of the existing published scheme is available on the Highways Agency webiste. Although they don't give an impression of what the new road would look like from the side as it were, they do give a good idea of where the road follows the existing line, changes course, follows the current level, and rises up over bridges/embankemts.

Further alternatives have now been made, and a PDF of those under consideration is also available from the Highways Agency (follow the link for Publications).


Hopefully anyone attending the Inquiry meetings will be able to do so with an open mind, and all options can be discussed - for the good of the environment, local residents, and road users. Nay changes to the A21 will obviously have a massive impact on someone, and not everyone will be happy - which is why the Powers That Be must work together with both users and locals to find the best solution for as many people as possible.


I have a feeling this might get quite heated though...



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