Parking Sends Commuters Barking
11th May 2010
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I read in the Courier this week that commuters are up in arms about parking near High Brooms Station. Following the installation of no less than two zebra crossings within yards of each other, it seems this has resulted in the loss of some 20 parking spaces along the road. Not flush with spaces in this area anyway, it would appear this is possibly not the best arrangement that could have been thought out. Apparently each crossing was put in by a different agent, so possibly there's been a bit of a shortage of communication (resulting in a shortage of spaces - natch).

I'm lucky being self-employed and working from home, that I no longer have the struggle of commuting each day. I've paid my dues in the past however, and sympathise with anyone who has to drive to the station each day.

I was lucky years ago and living in Tonbridge, pre-children, that I had the time to walk the two miles to the station - my choice - rather than drive and struggle to park. Many don't however, when long working hours, distance from the station, children, school runs and other commitments etc are taken into account.

However, it's worth looking at your journey, and seeing if you can make changes to how you travel. Many people now favour cycling to the station, or walking where possible, which not only lessens the pressure on local parking, but also congestion as well. However, if traveling under your own steam simply isn't possible, there's every chance that you might be able to lift share with someone who does the same journey every day.

I'd love to hear how you might be getting round problems with your commuter hell - you might be able to inspire others or help each other.
In fact, let us know how you cope - or what your bugbears are - whether you travel to any of the stations locally, or simply get to work locally. Many local companies have schemes in place to fund the purchase of bikes to encourage cycling rather than driving, and there might be other incentives dreamt up, quite apart form the health benefits.

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