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2011 is very special for the Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire’s stunning Severn Valley, marking the 25th anniversary of it's designation as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in November 1986.
Photos and grand pianos
Photos and grand pianos
Photo for Shropshire Star and recording grand piano
Local National Trust property
The snowdrops were a little later this year, owing to the bad winter, however now they are looking beautiful.
Watch the ladies of Blists Hill Victorian Town, near Ironbridge as they take part in the annual pancake flipping contest held daily
Wroxeter Roman Village
Wroxeter Roman Village
Thanks to a project between English Heritage and Channel 4, a Roman town house has been erected at Wroxeter and is soon to open to the public on Saturday 19 February.
White Christmas in Telford
White Christmas in Telford
Has snow become evil - or is it just as good as when I was a kid?
Fantastic festive family fun for all of the family at the world famous Ironbridge Gorge museums this Christmas
Want to see how the Victorians did it? Enjoy a truly traditional Christmas at one of these special days at Blists Hill Victorian Town.
Our gracious Queen's has now joined facebook. If ever you needed reminding of the power of facebook here is another milestone in the history of social networking. Buckingham Palace has launched a Facebook page called "The British Monarchy".
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