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Shop Local,  Support Your Local Traders

Lately to stay in my local area and avoid all unnecessary trips has seen me find my local traders all over again. What has drawn me back to my high street?

Star Wars Day:  May The Fourth Be With You

Star Wars Day or May the 4th to the uninitiated, is a celebration of everything Star Wars in our house and for many across the world. A day to celebrate all the many films, facts, and fandoms that have entertained a legion of fans since the late ‘70’s.

Lockdown Lessons Made Fun

23 April 2020 12:18

It can seem as if the walls are closing in on you and days blur into one. This week we are embracing the great resources that we have found online to give some much-needed relief to our lockdown lessons. Read on to see how you can too.

Lockdown Survival Guide

30 March 2020 10:49

Are you all ready to kill each other by now? Finding the same four walls a bit constricting with all of you cooped up indoors? We are! So this is how we plan on not digging up the patio to bury Dad, or putting your smallest child in the oven…

How to Survive Home School

23 March 2020 17:29

Start as you mean to go on! The next few days as we all settle in to a workable routine will set the pattern for the next several weeks. Kids are used to the school routine, use that to your advantage and follow my top tips to stay sane.

Steak & BJ Day March 14th

10 March 2020 16:56

Have you heard of this celebratory day? No? Well, it’s a thing. Originally created by Radio DJ Tom Birdsey in 2002. Its creation was a holiday to rival Valentine’s Day on February 14th but one month later.

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