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Parents should all try and do their bit to help cut pollution,by getting their children to walk to school.In addition it will help their health
With the takeover of Social Media in so many today & their obsession with selfie's .This is the month for them,as it's National Smiles Month !! Really this is to make people more aware with Oral Hygiene !
Why not help to raise money to support Young people with an injury to the brain?
Do you run a business? Then you need to read this blog from Albert Goodman about VAT returns
Looking after your health is important to most people today,so this week is a good opportunity to make a note of some steps to follow
This is the month to go for a walk.This will not only help your health,but by walking in the countryside you will benifit in your inner self.It can also be the start of a new you !!
Do you want to have the fun & enjoyment of Gardening? This week is the perfect time to start
If your living with someone who Snores ,help is at hand.Since 1991 the Sleep Apnoea Association can help.
April 8th see's the week in which people try to make more people aware of Parkinson's
For the month of April all NHS Staff will be trying to raise the help,which is available for Stress to the public at large.
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