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Could not recommend learn with Vern more, Vern has been incredible he not only taught me to drive but helped me gain self confidence and self belief.
From my first lesson to my last I have been so incredibly happy. I have had a few driving instructors and by far this was the best. Getting to know what kind of learner I am from the beginning showed me that there are different ways to being taught and that this instructor can adapt to each persons needs and ways of learning which made me feel more relaxed straight away. Every single lesson was full of so much information and new skills I was able to practice, I was so excited to get in the car and learn Something new. Not any of my time was wasted at all and I’m happy with every hour I’ve spent with Vern I’m also so glad I was able to have this experience, im so sad it has come to and end but I will 100% recommend and I wish everyone would learn with Vern!
Approachable and helpful, allowed me to learn and improve at my own pace resulting in a flawless second time pass. Very pleased with my driving experience and felt supported every step of the way.
Vern is an amazing instructor, and considering I was so nervous when learning, he helped me become a confident and safe driver :) Easy to talk to and patient instructor, 100% recommend.
If you want a great instructure who has patience, ability to improve youur driving skills and confidence, then look no further. Vern tailors every lesson to the individual focusing on improving your strengths and building up your weaknesses. Not only does he posses the knowledge to help you pass your test, he does it in a manner which you will learn easily and stress free. I had a great experince learning with vern, always a good atmosphere whilst driving, he makes learning fun:) and a genuinly a great guy. Thanks Vern
I would 100% recommended this driving school. As a person I lack a lot of confidence but every time I got behind the wheel I could tell that I was going to be assured and taught in a way that would suit me. Every lesson and way of teaching is altered to personally help you with whatever you’re struggling with. The instructors are understanding of how much you all ready know and are ready and willing, every lesson, to get you test ready! Best decision I ever made! :)
A great driving instructor who was very calm and supportive considering I was extremely nervous when doing anything new and driving in general. Very patient and helped me pick up driving quickly.
After years of trying to learn to drive on and off with different instructors I had very little confidence when behind the wheel and thought I would never pass. That was until I started learning with Vern, he believed in me and it made all the difference, I have now been a driver after passing with Vern for over a year and it’s the best thing I ever did! I highly recommend using this company to gain your independence and get that all important pass.
I really enjoyed my learning journey with Learn With Vern! I was a complete novice, but Vern was able to help me become a confident driver. I never come across something I am unsure of, because with his coaching and the Theory App provided, I am now able to navigate any road situations... and since passing my test and driving alone, I have come across situations and have had no issues dealing with them! Vern was able to help me keep track of all the things I needed to pass my test, and helped me reflect on my lessons, so I was able to improve skills when necessary. I am now driving my newborn baby around to places I’ve never even been! Very proud of my achievements, and grateful for Vern’s approaches to learning. Thank you!
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