What do you do when the Weather is freezing cold and we are all off to hell in a hand basket? The Monster Mash, of course!!
11th April 2013
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It may have escaped your notice, but somehow I doubt it, that the last few months have been, to put it mildly, somewhat depressing.  We are still trying to survive bitingly cold weather, snow in April not to mention drab wet grey days that seen quite endless.  Economic forecasts that appear as low as they can go, then sink even further into the mire with further predictions of even worse to come.  Frankly, why get out of bed?

With all this heavy burden, up with which we are all putting, comes a time when one just has to say “Blow this for a game of soldiers.  I feel like having a good time”!   That opportunity is just about to present itself here in Sutton at the Secombe Centre next week.  Sutton Theatre Company are putting on their latest production Return to the Forbidden Planet” a big Rock ‘n’ Roll extravaganza full of 60’s and 70’s hits.  It is the ideal occasion to get out your space suit (go on I dare you!) and be transported away from all that is so heavy and negative at the moment.  The most expensive ticket is a mere £13.50 and you could spend more than that just sitting in the pub.

So Go Now and feel those Good Vibrations, Shake Rattle and Roll yourself down to the Secombe Centre and feel like a Teenager in Love again. Why not take the Young Ones? Great Balls of Fire what an evening you will have!

Live long and Prospero!

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