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Improving our environment is an international concern, but it starts right here at local, one might say grass roots, level. For the sake of adults and children alike taking care of where we live is a prime concern. Taking firm action to improve our environment the organisers of the Environmental Fair aim to push these concerns into the forefront of our minds in a meaningful but fun way.
Thanks to proactive activity between the Muslim Community and our local Police service incidents of criminality are uncommon in Sutton, none the less the parties concerned are keen to ensure that this continues to be the case.
One injury or loss of life is one too many. The Met Police are concerned, as are we all, about the needless casualties caused on our roads by collisions between large vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, the newly launched initiative is designed to make all parties more aware of each other to mutual benefit. The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award Winning Metropolitan Police initiative ‘Exchanging Places’ launched in 2007 is very successful in promoting cyclist safety.
Sutton police and Sutton council's Trading Standards Office are putting out timely advice to elderly and vulnerable householders. If you have such neighbours why not ensure that they are aware of this and to be on their guard.
Sutton police have issued a warning following suspicious callers in the Carshalton area.
As part of the Metropolitan Police Christmas Tree Appeal, Sutton residents are being invited to buy a present for a child in care who will probably not receive anything else this Christmas.
Sutton police are urging residents to use timers to switch on lights in order to make it look like their homes are occupied.
A local charity is looking for people to be part of a pool of casual staff in order for them to put on challenging events for youngsters. Could this be something you can do to help out whilst earning a little bit extra?
Sutton's first ever Community Safety Presentations will focus on the ever increasing problem of "sexting" when children are exposed to explicit texts, images and even videos.
Help to keep Sutton one of the safest neighbourhoods in London. With Christmas coming up, the burglars will be on the lookout even more. You can foil them by taking this advice to protect your own property.
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