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One injury or loss of life is one too many. The Met Police are concerned, as are we all, about the needless casualties caused on our roads by collisions between large vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, the newly launched initiative is designed to make all parties more aware of each other to mutual benefit. The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award Winning Metropolitan Police initiative ‘Exchanging Places’ launched in 2007 is very successful in promoting cyclist safety.
Sutton's first ever Community Safety Presentations will focus on the ever increasing problem of "sexting" when children are exposed to explicit texts, images and even videos.
Riverside Business Centre in Carshalton is now open for business in its brand new building.
Do you have a love of reading and books that you could share with a child in a one to one situation developing self-esteem and self-worth? Why not help a child read today, prevent the from becoming another negative statistic and be rewarded in seeing them develop and grow?
Can you please spare just a few hours hours on this one occasion to answer questions about your career and how you came to be doing it? Every Child's Journey to Work Matters.
"Successsful Mums in Sutton" is a programme that can help you get the support and confidence you need to get back to the world of work.
Assisted sessions are available for you to attend in September to have your questions answered and to help you make your applications.
Sutton's Young Enterprise Groups are now busy at work running their respective companies. Olivia Davies is Managing Director of Distinct, a company run by students of Wallington High School for Girls.
The annual Silicon Valley Comes to Parliament event was recently held in Portcullis House, Westminster and Sutton Young Enterprise's Team Concept were invited to attend. A member of the team, Andrew Mitson, describes the day.
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