The SAVVY Theatre are performing in Carshalton in May, but just who are they?
30th April 2014
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What IS a SAVVY experience?  Unlikely people from all walks of life having a huge laugh while taking the business of theatre seriously.  SAVVY is a professional company with an enviable reputation.  They have created shows that have performed at venues, festivals and unexpected spaces across the South-East, taking the work created with youth and community groups in Sutton to a wider audience. 

They bring old and young, advantaged and dis-affected, disabled and abled-bodied together.  They are energetic, anarchic, fun and surprising.  So far they’ve introduced local people to leading professionals in the business of stage combat, mask and puppetry, circus and physical theatre skills … the list goes on, but SAVVY is more than just learning and playing and devising and creating.  SAVVY gives you a sense of ‘family’, somewhere to belong, and this is evident when you look at the eclectic bunch of people that have joined in to help create SAVVY magic over the years…

“Once you’re in SAVVY, you’re in it for life!” is a phrase often affectionately thrown around by members old and new – and it’s a phrase that rings true.  The SAVVY doors are always open.  Members come and go but always stay in touch and it’s a delight to hear that they still hold their SAVVY experiences dearly.  With the oldest member of SAVVY being 89, and having started working with the company since the beginning, SAVVY gives all who walk through its doors the space to be creative, imaginative and unafraid.  Unafraid to play.  This is the key to their success, and the reason they have a strong and dedicated following in both members and audience.

SAVVY is unafraid to push boundaries, create something new and experiment with all kinds of theatre and other creative disciplines.  There is never a dull moment due to SAVVY’s determination to bring workshops full of energy, fun, variety and challenges.  You never quite know what you’re going to get, but you can guarantee it will be memorable!

Cick on the banner below to see details of the latest production which is being held at the end of May in Honeywood Lodge, Carshalton.

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