'Aspirations Day'. Speed Careers Workshop at Glenthorne School. Your input is needed!
5th June 2014
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On Thursday 10th July, "Progression to Work" is the title of an event organised by Sutton Education BusinessPartnership (Sutton EBP) for students at Glenthorne High School.  It is a series of workshops designed to raise their awareness of the differenct ranges of skills needed for employment, the different types of jobs available and to give them an idea of how they can enter the world of work.

One part of this event is a Speed Careers Workshop.  There are three sections of one and a half hours each when 2-3 students will ask pre-set questions over a five minute period then move on in a Round Robin to the next business. Each group of students will move around all the tables.

The sort of facts the students need to know are

  • How did you get to your current postion in your Company
  • The sorts of things your job involves
  • How important are the skills that are needed for employability
  • What are the skills needed to expand or progress within your particular industry or profession
  • What skills and training are needed in your particular role
  • and finally...what tips or advice can you give from your own particular experiences.
So often these days young people do not realise the importance of image and presentation when it comes to meeting propective employers.  This is an ideal opportunity for your business to be seen in the local community as supporting and preparing these young people to have the confidence to go out and present themselves effectively to employers and trainers.

If you feel that you would like to be involved then please contact Charlotte Owens

T: 020 8770 6963
E: charlotte.owens@sutton.gov.uk

Thursday 10th July
Glenthorne High School
Sutton Common Road

Every Child's Journey to Work Matters 

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