Need home repairs or garden maintenance done? DON'T ask doorstep callers!!!
1st April 2016
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With the start of Spring and the weather getting warmer we all start to see what the ravages of Winter has done.

This is just the time that bogus traders will be around looking to con vulnerable people out of their money by offering to do jobs around the house or garden.  Payment is demanded upfront and then usually the job is, at best, only half done or finished for a very inflated charge.

Chief Inspector Safer Neighbourhoods Duncan McMillan of Sutton Police Station said that residents could not possibly know when they opened their door to an unknown or unexpected trader whether the caller was genuine or not.  He advises "if you're not sure, don't open the door".

The advice that the police give is:

  • Don't do business on the doorstep
  • Don't give the caller any money or your bank details
  • Don't let the callers or any of their associates into your home
  • If you are suspicious, call the police immediately on 999
You are not bothering the police if they discover there is no problem after all.  They would rather do this and check that everything is OK rather than find out you have been a victim of crime.

Already there have been a number of residents who have been tricked on their doorstep. Sutton Council is protecting its residents through the Safer Sutton Trader Scheme.  A list is downloaded here on the right.

Keep your money firmly in your wallet or purse until any work is done to your satisfaction.

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