7th August 2014
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The idea of the bank courier scam is that targetted people are telephoned at their homes and told that there was problems with their bank cards, possibly fraudulent use, and that new cards would have to be issued.  The scammers ask for all the bank details and say they are sending around a taxi to collect the card and take it away.  

There have been further incidents locally totalling in nearly £44,000 taken from victim's bank accounts.  One elderly couple had £34,000 taken this way from their account! It would appear that most of the money was then spent in the large retailers in Purley Way.

Do take the advice issued by Sutton Police

  • NEVER, EVER reveal your bank details (including PIN) to anyone.  The Banks have the details and will never ask you.
  • NEVER,EVER give your bank cards to strangers no matter what reason they give you.
  • If you get a call asking for your card and PIN...just hang up immediately.  Get on a different  phone and report it to the police on 101.  Alternatively, wait five minutes for the line to clear and then dial 101
  • Call 999 immediately if the crime is happening and you are waiting for the card to be collected.

Always be on your guard and always keep your bank details and PIN strictly to yourself.

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