JunariCRM+ - Bespoke Customer Relationship Management Systems to help support your business success at a fraction of the cost of similar systems

JunariCRM+ is a fully tailorable CRM System designed to support your business for success.

Once upon a time, Customer Relationship Management systems were clunky, expensive and just for the corporate world, but now the CRM has opened up to the smaller market.  So, whether you have 200 employees or just 2, the right system is integral to your company’s success.

With over over 4 decades of combined CRM-specific experience, we’re confident Junari can create tailored CRM systems to suit almost any business.  Easy to use and intuitive, Junari learn your requirements, build your customised system, provide training to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of your customer relationship management system, and then continue to support you fully from within the UK


Benefits & Features

A good 5d77562727a7ad73570031a3CRM system is far more than just a database of your customers; it allows you to organise your contacts’ details, specify communication options, and generate branded quotes, orders, invoices and more.

It maximises your communication and sales efforts, bringing together all your prospect, customer and supplier data together in one place.  So you can finally say goodbye to those unlinked spreadsheets, that old access database, and all those random post-it note reminders stuck to your laptop!

 You can track not just your communication with customers, but that of your sales team, making business transparent.

 JunariCRM+ can significantly streamline and simplify those recurring admin tasks, so you can spend your time more productively: selling rather than carrying out repetitive activities 

Pulling together forecasting and analysing sales data can be done quickly and easily, allowing you to pinpoint trends and budget more effectively, keeping your business running smoothly.


Marketing & Lead Management

5d77564127a7ad7c75003487Make the most of  your marketing resources. JunariCRM+ maintains two-way MailChimp integration with an unlimited number of segments, and even has its own built-in emailing capabilities and email templates.  You can assign multiple categories to contacts in your CRM, allowing you to produce focused target lists to improve sales efficiency


Ordering, Stock, Budgets 

5d77566b27a7adf808001868JunariCRM+ helps you manage purchases, stock levels, budgets and much more - conveniently linking with your Sage50 or Xero accountancy system.


Human Resources and Employee Management 

5d77568827a7adba0f00074eManage all your staff details, including next of kin, appraisals, pay information, whilst ensuring that confidential data remains available only to those who need access to it.  Timesheets, holiday requests, training courses, probation checklists are all in one place, along with any accident reports or incident logs great for remaining compliant.



5d7756a527a7ad7f7500352a JunariCRM+ is great for charities - offering specific features such as fundraising, appeals, collections tins and HMRC-compliant gift-aid exports.

Highly customisable, personal Dashboards

From almost any part of JunariCRM+, it is possible to “Pin” multiple lists of information to your main dashboard or dedicated Sales dashboard, making this critical information available whenever you first log in, and easily accessible at any other time.  Setting up Dashboards effectively can create effective workflows across departments throughout all functions of your business.



Your customers are the lifeline of your business and keep you moving in the right direction, you need to make sure your customer communication is open,  and organised. With prices starting from just £25 per user per month, and so many ways JunariCRM+ can enhance your business - why not get in touch, so they can tailor a demo just for you?


JunariCRM+ is a fully tailorable CRM System designed to support your business for success.


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