The benefits of colouring your hair
18th June 2015
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Having our hair washed and cut can result in us leaving the salon feeling pampered, rejuvenated and beautiful. If you’re finding however, that having your hair cut isn’t resulting in the same feeling and you’re starting to be unhappy with your hair then why not try booking a colouring session for your next trip.

The most obvious benefit to having your hair dyed is the transformation of colour that will take place, lifting your hair from a colour that you don’t like to one that you can be proud of and show off. You could well notice that your confidence will increase after having your hair coloured as you’ll be happier with your look.

Another benefit of having your hair dyed is that you have more control over your look. You can play with the colours and go for something lighter, darker, more flamboyant etc. depending on how you want to change your look. It provides you with greater freedom to express yourself and your personality.

Colouring your hair can be very flexible. You could use a temporary dye for a night out if you just want a different, but not permanent, change; you can go for something semi-permanent if you are a bit unsure or just don’t want to commit to one colour or there is the option to go for permanent dye where you can have it coloured and not have to worry about the colour fading immediately. There are also a great variety of colour out there, from your standard colours of blondes/brunettes right through to bright, vibrant multi colours of pinks, purples, blues, greens etc. so you really are free to express your personality just as you wish.

You also have options of doing it yourself at home or going for a real pamper and going to a salon to have it done professionally for you. The former is cheaper but may not last as long as having a hairdresser doing it for you. You can also have more assurance that the colour will turn out just as you want as the person colouring your hair will know what colours will go onto your hair well or if intermediate shades will be needed first. For example, if you’ve got dark hair, you won’t be able to go from dark brown to blond without having a bleach treatment or going from blond to dark brown. Doing such treatments at home could end up with disastrous results.

If you want to have a different hair colour then get in contact with Area Hairdressing today and get a consultation booked in. They pride themselves on their customer care and will ensure that you have the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

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