Photographing Your Children
21st February 2012
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Children grow up fast and with so many memorable moments it can be hard remembering them all in detail. Photography is the perfect way of ensuring those memories never fade!


Below are a few top tips to help you get the best images of your children.


Get down on their level

To avoid endless photos of the top of your child’s head or photos of them looking up all the time it’s best to get down there with them. This may result in a few grass stained knees but it’ll be well worth it!


Use a Fast Shutter Speed

Children move fast so using a fast shutter speed will ensure you freeze the action rather than ending up with a blur that resembles your child. When using compact cameras the ‘Sports Mode’ will help to capture fast movement.


Avoid Flash

Although flash can help to freeze movement it can also produce the dreaded ‘Red Eye’. Children and Babies are particularly susceptible to red eye so where possible avoid flash and use natural light.


To Pose or not to Pose

Any parent will know it can be almost impossible at times to get a child to sit still and smile, so why try? Some of the most beautiful images of children are when they are at play, enjoying themselves and totally oblivious to the camera.



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