Injections Take 2!
23rd March 2012
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Immunisation week. Not the week I wanted to come around at all! Dreading it all week it finally dawned upon us. We had opted not to give him calpol before and just have it ready sitting and waiting for when we got back.


On the way there and whilst sitting in the waiting room, I have to admit the thought of it was starting to make me feel sick. The fact that my doctors never see you when they say they are going to didn't help, so we had an extra 20 minutes sitting, waiting.


We both felt like we didn't have much to say, we both just had this fear and guilt of what we were about to put him through. The guilt was heightened by him having a really good, smiley morning and was still smiling away at us in the doctors.


Eventually we were called into the nurses room. We sat in there and Andrea was already starting to get teary, at which point the nurse asked if she would like to wait outside, which she agreed to do and left me with Tyler and the nurse. I can understand her reasonings why as I know she felt more emotional towards it than I did. I was more in the frame of mind of; 'It needs to be done, so let's get it over with.'


The nurse injected him with the first needle whilst he was smiling away at me, I braced myself for the worst. Expecting screaming and crying I was greeted with more of a confused face as to what just happened, not wasting this moment I span him round to get the other injection done as quick as possible.


The injection was made and at that point I think he realised what happened, he had a little cry, so I stood up and hugged him to try and comfort him. Within no more than a few seconds he was smiling away at me again. Andrea came back into the room, and she was as shocked as I was.


He was back to smiling away at the nurse, it was as if it had never happened. The relief was amazing, we felt like so much had been lifted.


Since the injections he hasn't been too different, I think its hit his immune system a little as he's been sleeping a lot more. At points he will wake up late for his feed clearly feeling uncomfortable, whether it be from the injections or hunger pains, so at the moment we just make sure he feels loved and as ok as we can.


I haven't forgotten about the project of been dying to speak of, I've just been trying to get everything ready to be able to show you all, I'm am drawing ever closer and I'm very nearly there. So a couple more weeks and hopefully I can start revealing things to you!


As always thank you for joining me on my journey and I do hope you stick with me and continue to support me. I look forward to you joining me next week on this life changing ride into parenthood.


To see my earlier blogs and see my journey and intentions please go to

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