"Please ... No .... Not Another Bad Hair Day?"
9th October 2014
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Almost as frustrating, but certainly less physically painful than stubbing your toe is a bad hair day.  It’s pretty horrendous and always happens at the beginning of the day before your brain has had chance to process the simplest of thoughts or just before that important night out when you’re already in a rush to get ready in time.

Whether it’s too frizzy, too flat, too limp, too dull or just won’t fall into the style you want it to, bad hair days leave you feeling frustrated, embarrassed, deflated, angry – need we say more?

If you feel your hair is a little dull, but you usually go for a colour, but just haven’t had the chance to get yourself booked in, if you can, tie it up into a knot at the top of your head.  This solution can make the hair look luxurious and hides most changes in hair colour.  It would certainly suffice until you get the chance to get your hair coloured again.

Dry shampoo or tinted root powder will come to the rescue for blondes with dark roots.  A white mist of dry shampoo will reduce the contrast between light and dark hair and can mask gray hairs too.

You can cleverly help to hide split ends with the use of your hair dryer.  Once you hair’s dry, use a round brush to curl the ends hiding them from sight – The best solution is to book in for a trim, just to tidy them up, but you don’t always find the time and seem to spot their development at that crucial moment when you want tidy hair.

That limp flat hair look can be spruced up by simply holding you head upside down and directing the hairdryer at it for an instant lift.  More height can also be gained if you change the side your parting falls on.

It seems that if we have curly hair, we want it straight, if we have straight hair we crave to have curly hair or hair with a bit of bounce to it.  Whatever our inner most desires are for perfect hair, a bad hair day can take us by surprise and change our moods for the day.

There’s always help at hand and Arena Hairdressing are always happy to pass on tips for bad hair days and help you ensure that they just won’t happen to you again.

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