Ideas for your perfect wedding hairstyle
23rd November 2016
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Having the perfect hair style is as important as having the best dress for your wedding day. It can make or break your look and it can make you look stunning or too plain. So answer this concern, we have round up the best hairstyle ideas that you can easily pull off in no time.

Hollywood waves

This hairstyle accentuates your facial features especially if you have high cheekbones. You don’t have to cover these up as you can use it to your advantage. Your hair is parted in the side and the tail of your hair id placed on the other side. The waves of your hair are soft and somehow uniform. This is perfect for brides who has a tube- type wedding dress or has an intricate back detail.

Side- swept braids

This hairstyle is perfect for medium to shoulder length hair. You just need to part your hair on the side, you can choose whether left or right. Then, take a section from the larger part and simply braid it going to side and pin it at the back. Pin it loosely so you won’t lose the volume of your hair and loosely curl the rest of your hair. This style is perfect for brides that want to go for a much relaxed vibe on their big day.

Low Knotted bun

This is one of the chicest and yet simplest hairdo. You can part your hair whichever way you want and divide them into two sections. Make a rope braid in each side, then twirl it just right above your nape until you make a bun and wrap the other around the first bun. Fasten the hairs with bobby pins and spray some setting mist. After it dries, which is just for a few seconds, you’re good to go.

These are one of the simplest and yet most elegant looking hairstyle that you can copy for your special day but don’t let this list hinder you and let your creative juices flow when it comes to your look. However, if you’re out of ideas you can always rely on Arena Hairdressing to provide you the best hairstyle that will fit your features and your dress. Arena Hairdressing will surely make you the best styled woman in your special day. 

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