World Kindness Day Friday 13th November
12th November 2015
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World Kindness Day is 13th November. It is observed in many countries including Canade, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates.

It began in 1997 when a collection of humanitarian groups came together and made a "Decleration of Kindness". Everyone is encouraged to make a similar decleration by for example donating books, food or clothes on 13th November.

It is a time to think of others and show that by doing a simple act of kindness we as a nation care about the people around us and the environment.

Just afew suggestions of ideas of acts of kindness are;

Hold a door open for someone.

Give someone a compliment.

Call a family member you don't see often.

Plant a tree.

Smile at someone.

Let someone else have the tv remote for the day!

An act of kindness doesn't cost anything so what will you do on Friday 13th November 2015?

It has been suggested that the Cosmos Flower be adopted as a symbol of World Kindness Day. Cosmos is an annual with daisy like flowers it comes in many colours. Cosmos is available this time of year although may not yet be in flower in time for World Kindness Day. Your local Wyndley Garden Centre will be sure to stock Cosmos.



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