Its nearly here but when and what is Black Friday?
10th November 2015
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When is Black Friday?

This year it is November 27th

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day when on-line and high street retailers slash their prices for one day only. So expect afew queues at all of the big department stores and afew smaller retailers as well no doubt.

Why do we have Black Friday?

Black Friday came to Britain  from America where it is their biggest shopping day. It has become the trend now in the UK for most retailers to introduce sales deals and discounts on this day in a similar way to Boxing Day sales. 

Why Called Black Friday?

Black is associated with negative connotations but in this case Black is positive and means profitability. Retailers note down profitability in black and losses are noted in red. 

Does Black Friday apply to both shopping on-line and in stores?

Black Friday is more popular in shops. It attracts people and draws large crowds to shops who queue up for long before they open.

We have Cyber Monday for on-line shopping. This is the Monday following Black Friday for those who missed out buying things on the Friday!

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