Wedding Anniversary Flowers
8th October 2015
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Did you know each year has a particular Wedding Anniversary flower?  Every flower has its own meaning too. So give someone special a  a bouquet of roses with a coded message of "I love you".

Here are the flowers for each anniversary year and their meaning.


1st     Pansy                   Thinking of You, Loyalty

2nd    Cosmos                 Joy in Love and life, Beauty, Modesty

3rd     Fuchsia                 Humble Love, Good Taste

4th     Geranium             Comforting, Beauty, True Friendship

5th     Daisy                    Innocence, Loyal Simplicity

6th    Calla Lily                Magnificient Beauty, Modesty

7th    Jack-In-the-Pulpit   Shelter, Safety, Protection

8th     Clematis               Mental Beauty, Intellectual,  Ingenuity

9th      Poppy                  Eternal Sleep, Wealth, Success

10th    Daffodil                New Beginnings, Rebirth  

11th    Morning Glory      Attention, Attachment

12th    Peony                  Bashfullness, Happy, Life

13th    Hollyhock            Ambition, Fruitfullness,Honesty

14th    Dahlia                  Dignity, Elegance, Forever           

15th    Rose                    Love, Passion, Grace , I Love You,

20th   Day Lily                Beauty For A Day  

25th    Iris                      Wisdom, Valued Friendship  

30th    Sweet Pea            Delicate, Pleasures, I Think Of You 

40th    Nasturtium          Departure, Patriotism, Victory 

50th    Violet                   Modesty, I Will Always Be There                                               

I hope this is useful!











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