Today is International Mountain Day
11th December 2015
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Today 11 December is International Mountain Day.

International Mountain Day aims to raise awareness about the relevance of mountain forests and the role they play within a green economy, as well as in climate change.

Mountains cover 22 per cent of the earths land surface. They provide sustenance and wellbeing to 915 million mountain people around the world, which is 13 percent of the global population. 

Mountains not only provide freshwater to at least half of the world's people, but energy and food resources that may  be increasingly scarce in coming decades. However within "the mountain people" there is a high incidence of poverty and they are extremely vulnerable to climate change, deforestation, land degradation and natural disasters. In fact, 1 out of 3 mountain people in developing countries is vulnerable to food insecurity and faces poverty and isolation. 

Mountains are also high-risk environments with avalanches, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. They influence global and regional climates and weather conditions. 

So the challenge is to bring new benefits to both highland and lowland communities to erase poverty without contributing to the degradation of fragile mountain ecosystems, by identifying new and sustainable opportunities.

The theme for 2015 is "Promoting mountain products for better livelihoods". Mountain peoples are largely family farmers, they base their livelihoods on highly diversified activities. They have adapted to their environment and produce niche and mountain-specific products and services. 

The demand for these traditional foods and crafts are on the increase. They are quality products such as cheese, herbs, coffee and spices, as well as handicrafts and medicines.

Such issues as climate change, the eco system, earthquakes, poverty, economic developments and population growth to name a few are constantly being addressed to maintan and improve the quality of life for everyone in the World. 

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