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20th June 2014
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June 28 - July 26 - August 24 - 2014
St Catherine’s Hall - Hampton Lane
Catherine-de-Barnes - Solihull - B91 2TJ

A trip to Cape Town’s glorious wine lands last February - which included an intimate outdoor party gathering - proved such an inspirational experience for two local women that they determined to create something of similar quality in England. The girls wanted a setting that they felt couldn’t be found in Solihull, or anywhere near, a happening that involved great food and drink - yes, obviously - in refined, sedate natural surroundings - of course - yet tailored to variable and individual needs; an organic, naturally unfolding party of real substance, an alternative to the often overly pre-packaged preferences of the restaurant chain experience.

Then they discovered the lovely St Catherine's, at Catherine-de-Barnes, an old church and village school built in 1879, which had recently been acquired by the villagers themselves.


St Catherine’s provides an unmatched outdoor environment: garden areas with surrounding views across lush, classic English countryside and hard-floor areas for more robust moments and games…

Naturally, the variable British weather can never be entirely relied upon to shine brightly, but on those thankfully rare occasions when the al fresco ideal might prove ‘difficult’, the wooden beamed interior of the lovely old hall offers a wonderful covered alternative, or addition.

Equally as important as this marvellous setting is the quality of the dining… All dishes are freshly prepared on the day, with tasty picnic foods that use only the highest quality, locally-sourced produce.

There are breads from the award winning bakery in Knowle, artisan British cheeses, crisp salads and dreamy deserts served in glass jars, cute card boxes filled with cold meats, tarts, cakes… An immense feast delivered to the table in rustic crates made from reclaimed wood (the produce is always fresh, but we truly love to up-and-recycle where possible, be that through handmade and vintage décor, or classic old games provided for entertainment).

Hand-picked quality wines are on offer, and the delicious summer cocktails taste as spectacular as they look! Lovely music is a given.

LITTLE PICNIC is a memorable, bespoke event, providing hours of laidback fun in a truly unique setting for a cost that is no more than the price of an average meal in a typical chain restaurant.

What’s not to love?

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