Solihull is not in Birmingham! By Paul Leonard
14th December 2014
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Friday night I was back somewhere very near and close to my heart, Solihull – my home town.  She looked beautiful, colourful, airy and simply stunning!  About 10 miles from its big brother, Birmingham, but in my opinion, oh so very different.  If you were to ask my nearest and dearest, she would say that Solihull is in Birmingham – yet if that were true, why does my passport say, “Place of Birth: Solihull” and yet her’s and our children’s say, Birmingham?  Proof they are two separate places!

According to a SURVEY only taken last year, Solihull was named as “best place to live”.  Proud?  Maybe a little!  There is also an amazingly beautiful school in the town centre, imaginatively called, “Solihull School” with an amazing building.  I have quickly researched the school and apparently, it was founded in 1560!  I had know idea it was that old – wow! Of course, to send your kids there you need money – which alas, unfortunately, we do not!


Within the town centre, it has hosts St Alphege’s Church – an amazingly beautiful building both inside and out.  (Shown below on the right hand side.)  An old friend of mine got married there.  I have no clue on the costs, but I can only assume it wasn’t cheap.


There is also many famous people from Solihull too.  Simon Mayo the Radio 1 DJ (now Radio 2, thanks cuz.!), Michael Buerk the old BBC Newsreader, Richard Hammond from Top Gear and musicians such as Ocean Colour Scene and Nick Drake.

It’s not the place I remember as a child growing up with much of it pedestrianised and over the years it has become busier (especially with the “birth” of the Touchwood shopping centre) but it still retains that cosy feeling of a small town which I love.  Chavs are a rare sight too – proof there really is a God!

There is plenty more I could say about my home town but I don’t think my words could do the place justice.  Why not pop down there and take a look for yourself?  It has convenient access just off the M42 motorway and currently is looking very beautiful in time for Christmas.


I am not sure how I forgot this when posting earlier.  Whilst walking through a carpark earlier with my son, Peter, we saw a Land Rover Defender.  Peter, in amazement went up to it, stroking it, he looked at me and said, “Wow!”.  INDEED, they make Land Rovers in my home town also.


Paul Leonard writes a regular blog for his own site "Pauls Views and Ramblings " mostly containing my views on issues that affect deaf people today. (Along with some other random stuff thrown in the mix!) well worth a read .



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