Simple Steps to Achieving Personal Fitness
3rd January 2013
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We've all said it ‘I don’t have enough time’ or ‘the day just ran away with me’ it’s easy to excuse ourselves from exercise as in reality the majority of us are more concerned about exercise because of the way we look rather than how we feel and the health benefits. Now I've hit my late 30’s feeling fit is becoming a much bigger priority than just looking fit! Having the physical capacity to work long hours and have energy left for hobbies and my family is a necessity...

It’s amazing how when our thinking changes our actions start to catch up. If we see the long term health benefits of exercise above the vanity we’ll be more inclined to be consistent in doing it;

20 – 30 minutes of exercise is achievable everyday for everyone!

• Walking – can we walk somewhere rather than drive? (simple but effective) Don't amble along pick up  some pace...

• Take the stairs and not the lift

• Join the gym or an exercise class (before work, during a lunch hr, on the way home)

• Buy or Hire a treadmill / cross trainer

• Put it in your diary and build it into your life

Benefts of exercise;

• A healthy heart and organs

• Increased energy levels

• Higher sex drive

• You sleep well

• Regular exercise can give you an extra 8 years of life

• Positive Mental attitude (it’s reduces stress and increases confidence)

• You can maintain a healthy weight and look great!

We all need a helping hand once in a while. If you would like to speak to a personal fitness specialist contact De Vere Village Gym, Solihull and they'll be really happy to help you.

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