Simple Steps to 'A Healthy Diet'
3rd January 2013
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1. Plan your meals

(you’ll eat less takeaway and spend less too)

2. Shop with a list

(Prevents impulse buying, if it’s not on the list don’t buy it!)

3. Don’t shop when you are hungry or tired.

4. Reduce your portion sizes and stop eating when you are full even if there’s food still on the plate!

5. Drink lots of water.

(Start by replacing a few cups of tea or coffee each day with a glass of water) The first feeling of hunger is actually thirst! Drink a glass of water at the first signs of hunger, you’ll eat less!

6. Educate yourself on the food labels very often low fat is very high in sugar, it can also be low carb but high Sugar! Learn about what you are eating and the great superfoods to add to your diet.

7. Prepare your own meals

(don’t eat readymade packaged food)

8. Snack on fruit, nuts and vegetables

(get rid of crisps, biscuits and cakes in your daily diet - eat occassionally)

9. Everything in Moderation 

A little of the things that aren’t good for you within a balanced diet won’t do you any harm e.g. a chocolate bar within a week won't do much damage but a chocolate bar a day will do a lot!! 

10. Learn a few simple healthy recipes that can replace high calory and fatty meals.


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