Recycling plant at Meriden Quarry have been given the go-ahead
10th January 2016
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The scheme to build a recycling plant on the site at Meriden Quarry, off Cornets End Lane, has been recommended for approval by Solihull planning committee, but is subject to a number of conditions. It was thought the positives of the scheme outweighed the negatives.

The plans include three weighbridges, a weighbridge office, two car parks, a coach park and an outside learning space as well as a office and education building.

It will bring approximately 200 extra jobs to the area during the estimated eight months it would take to build and a total of 20 permanent jobs once it is up and running.

There would be no demand on the National Grid, by diverting 45,000 tonnes of bidegradable waste a year from landfill and recycling it to compost would  produce 500kw of renewable electricity , therefore making the building self-sufficient for energy.

It is hoped the development which will be made up of a composting, biomass energy and waste water treatment plant will contribute towards the national and local waste management strategies, objectives and targets.

Planning officers have said the scheme is inappropriate for the green belt as it would include a building with 7,642sqm of new floor space with the highest part of it reaching 17.2m high. However the area is generally well-screened and surrounded by operational quarry land and other waste management, associated buildings and structures.

It would be hoped the development would  contribute to the recycling need in Solihull, helping to address the ‘waste gap’ as well as diverting waste from landfill.

Coun John Windmill said: “We must take into account this is in the greenbelt.

“We must make certain this is its one and only use and if there is any change it should be returned to green open space.”

Coun Diana Holl-Allen added: “I support the recommendations. We do need to improve on our waste in the borough and this is going to help us do this.”

The scheme will now be referred to the National Planning Casework Unit, where the the Secretary of State will consider  whether he wishes to exercise his call-in powers relating to green belt developments. 

A condition was placed on the application requiring the land be returned to the green belt and used as open space if the operation ever ceased.



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