Pest Control - Fly problems in Solihull, could be Cluster flies?
20th October 2009
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We’ve started to get calls about fly problems here at ProKill it’s that time when Solihull home and business owners find problems with black flies in their lofts or in tall office buildings. CLUSTER FLY (Pollenia rudis) The Cluster fly appears in spring and autumn, and will over time multiply into epidemic proportions. It lays its eggs outside in damp locations, such as under leaves and in soil, with the larvae/ maggot stage locating into earthworms in which they overwinter, eating their way through the worm as they develop into adults. In adverse weather conditions such as frosts followed by sunny days, they burst out of the earthworm as adults and head into buildings (often tall buildings with a sunny aspect) to cluster and soak up the warmth of the sun. They can often be found under felt in attics and around heating and ventilation pipes where they continue their breeding cycle. It is at this point the flies head towards the light and are exposed in bedrooms or upper floor offices /warehouses. The dead, dying and diapausal flies are found in high numbers, causing distress, or gaining entry into manufacturing or packing processes. Cluster flies return to the same loft or space year on year ProKill can eradicate cluster flies for you read more here

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