National Dress Your Pet Up Day!
10th January 2016
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In 2009 Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviourist Coleen Paige decided to set up National dress your pet up day. So for one day, on 14th January, you have the opportunity to make your pet the most fashion-conscious mutt or kitty in town on National Dress your Pet Up Day! But thankfully there are  a few rules to keep in mind!

Coleen Paige says to remember that your pets are not dolls or mannequins and should be respected and not be dressed in anything "vulgar" or "uncomfortable'! You may have the  urge to see your pet dressed up as something or someone but try to remember your duty as a responsible pet owner!

Maybe your pet will love dressing up, and having a photo shoot might be good fun for the owner but a pet's feelings need to be taken into account, and if your pet is looking uncomfortable or worse, whimpering or wriggling to get away it is definetly time to stop.

Every animal has its own special personality, so dress you pet accordingly. 

If you decide to take part in this memorable day then take a photo of your fashion conscious pet, send it to us at and we will put it on our website.

Not sure I will be able to take part. May be difficult to dress our pets - Daphne, Derek, Wally and Mr Loach they are goldfish and a loach!!

Heres a few pictures and don't they look cute!

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