National Curry Week 10th-16th October 2016
4th October 2016
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In 1809 Sake Dean Mahamet from Bihar in India opened the first Indian Restaurant in Britain at  34 George Street, Portman Square, London. Now some 200 years later curry is claimed to be Britains National dish.  

The 10th to 16th October is the 19th National Curry Week.

There are so many different varieties of curry that you could use National Curry Week as an opportunity to explore new recipes. Or why not try a different curry every day this week? 

Made from chicken, lamb, beef, fish or vegetables curry comes from a wide range of countries, and each region has a different taste. 

Not all curries are hot and spicy. Many good Indian Restaurants provide advice on the best dish to suit individual needs.

Solihull have recommended Indian Restaurants  Panchuli Fine Indian Dining and The Delhi who serve excellent Indian Cuisine with expert advise and varied menus.  

57f37e2bc6a71105bb002911If you want to learn how to cook in the authentic style and have fun, go to Maz's Indian Kitchen

Chef Maz Rahman has years of experience and is truly passionate about cooking authentic Indian cuisine. 


Take advantage of the fantastic offers on at Panchuli and the Delhi to view them all simply click here  and give them a call. 

















So whether you are dining in or out celebrate National Curry Week and don't forget the accompaniments naan bread, chutney, poppadums, rice and a cool beer, or I prefer a glass of delicious red wine!




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