National Allotment Week
3rd August 2016
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There is a great sense of pride when you have grown something yourself, be it fruit,  flowers or veg, and with national allotment week looming why not take up the task in hand and get yourself an allotment?


It's National Allotment Week 8th - 14th August


There can be a misconception that allotments are boring, but there are several reasons to have one. This is why National Allotment Week aims to draw awareness to allotment gardens and the benefits of 'growing your own'



There are so benefits many because everything is grown fresh!



You can nurture and watch over your own fruit, vegetables and flowers grow! You can then add your juicy and delicious food to healthy meals. Not to mention you can be completely sure that there is no added rubbish in 'em!

And if you get other people on board planting with you it can be a great community project.   You'll be having some great conversations while you work - a real bonding activity!

You'll also be out in the open air getting some great exercise which is fantastic for you, not just physically but mentally too.



Allotments are constantly under threat from developers so it is very important that local communities support their allotments.


It is however very popular and you may find there is a waiting list, but if you are'nt on the list you won't ever get one!!

Solihull Borough have many allotments so why not get in touch with your local one today. View them here  and good luck!


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