A Message from Solihull Council Are you recycling enough?
16th September 2016
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Solihull Council has this to say about recycling our waste items..

"We’re all familiar in Solihull with the usual suspects - plastic bottles, food and drink cans, jam jars, cardboard boxes and newspapers for example. These are all well-known recyclable items and residents do a great job of making sure they go in their brown bins and black boxes".

"However one only has to look in Solihull’s rubbish bins on collection day to see that we overlook items such as aerosol cans and toilet roll tubes – the unusual suspects which many of us aren’t aware are recyclable".

"For many of us it’s become routine to recycle the usual suspects in our kitchens, but some items around the home, in bathrooms or bedrooms, are slipping through the net".

"Tissue boxes, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles and deodorant aerosol cans. All of these items belong in the recycling not in the general waste".

"Raising awareness of these items and making sure they get recycled is the aim of this year’s Recycle Week, which is also highlighting the consequences of not recycling them".

"Toothpaste boxes for example – if everyone in the UK recycled one toothpaste box, it would save enough energy to run a fridge in over 2,000 homes for a year. Or, if everyone in the UK recycled one aluminium deodorant aerosol can, enough energy would be saved to run a TV in over 151,000 homes for a year"!

To see the full identity-parade of wanted unusual suspects, visit www.recyclenow.com.

For more information about what can and can't be recycled in Solihull visit www.solihull.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling.


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