Luxury Travel award for Local Travel business
14th August 2009
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I don’t know about you but as the years go by I become even more discerning when it comes to booking my annual holiday. I figure I work fulltime; I lead a busy family life. Why would I spend my precious relaxing time away in a bed not as comfortable as my own? Or in fact spend time in an apartment or a hotel room with dodgy décor after spending more than a year refurbing my home…fussy moi? If like me you appreciate the best that your holiday budget can buy no matter what that budget is. I have just heard that Travel International of Coleshill near Solihull has scooped a prestigious Luxury Travel award. The team at Travel International have been awarded “Top Pure Luxury Booking Agent for the Midlands 2008/09”. They are passionate about travel and are more than a tad discerning themselves… I mean that in the nicest way ladies. So it’s no wonder they scooped this top luxury holiday award, Congratulations Travel International !… Now all I have to do is work harder to try to raise my holiday budget for next year and yes as usual I will be booking with Travel International who achieve great things even on my budget. Click below to read more about Travel International

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